Q: How to upload a project to the site?
A: To upload a project to the site, you need to register, log into your account, go to your profile page and click on the card of a new project in the "Projects" section. You can also watch the video instruction on how to complete the project, provided below.
Q: How and where can I upload the cover for the project?
A: For convenience, we have created a "Project Covers" forum section in our Discord server, where you can create a post, insert your covers and get the necessary direct links to them. You can also use any other image storage service that can create a direct link to the image.
Q: Why is the project cover not being inserted?
A: We currently support "direct link" links to images. Please make sure the link is correct. It should lead to the image itself, and not to the general page of its location. If the link is valid and the image is available on it, it will be displayed on the page.
Q: Why is my profile not among the authors?
A: The authors search page displays those authors who have at least one published (not hidden) project in the selected interface language.
Q: Why are some fields only available in English / Latin?
A: Since the platform supports several languages, this is done for the universality of author and project profiles and easier moderation.
Caution: Be careful when using browser extensions for page translations, as they may cause Animon Festa pages to work incorrectly. Disabling these extensions and reloading the page should help restore page functionality.
Q: Where can I go for other questions?
A: You can write to our support mail or Discord server in the appropriate section.
Animon does not take responsibility for money transfers and does not share sensitive personal information with third-party services and/or applications.
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