About Animon Fest
Animon Fest is an online pitch festival where independent creators can pitch their projects to the internet audience during the festival's live stream events and share links of their projects on the Animon Fest platform catalog. Animon Fest website doesn’t keep sensitive information, or any files, it’s a catalog of links that help creators to connect with their audience, get known and find support for their projects during the online live pitch festival events. It’s a Festival where creators can get recognition and win prizes for their hard work. Connected through Animon Fest, audiences and creators can make their beloved projects possible and bring the release dates closer. The key difference from existing animation markets, festivals, Animon Fest is focused on an online crowd and independent creators. Animon Fest with partners can provide help with consultations or other questions, to help creators be more efficient and help people with less experience to grow. Creators can get a review of their projects from industry professionals during the festival. The Animon Fest platform was launched in 2023.

Animon Fest is the multilingual platform. A result of projects and authors search depends on the interface language. To change the search result and find more projects and authors, you can choose a different language in the site footer.
Animon Fest creators
Pasha Potekhin
Animon Fest creator
Pasha always wanted to make the world a better place through animation and related projects. Working for more than 10 years in the animation industry, Pasha noticed that a lot of people work on their original ideas, but not many of those are made for different reasons. And some projects that people make by themselves sometimes are hard to find on the internet, being overwhelmingly full of other things. Pasha's first participation in the animation markets was during the COVID-19 pandemic period, when these markets became online events, too. It was a great experience that inspired Pasha to create Animon Fest, an online festival and platform where independent creators can find their audience and audience can support projects to their liking at any day, not only during the festival.
Anastasiia Minaeva
Animon Fest developer
Anastasiia finished the first version of the Animon Fest platform all by herself in 2023, while Pasha provided a visual look for the platform and planned out how everything should work. Anastasiia is a frontend web developer. At that time she had over 2+ years of work experience and became the main developer of the Animon Fest platform. She specializes in a tech stack of JavaScript + TypeScript, React + Redux-toolkit, Tailwind CSS, Next.js, MongoDB + Mongoose.
Animon does not take responsibility for money transfers and does not share sensitive personal information with third-party services and/or applications.
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